Ways to Give

Corporate Benefits

The growth of relationships between businesses and nonprofits are compelling evidence that businesses are obtaining benefits far beyond the satisfaction of traditional philanthropy. These benefits are real and include generating and enhancing business opportunities, strengthening human resource management and the corporate culture and supporting corporate strategies through community involvement.

A partnership with The I-Fund can help generate business by enhancing a company’s reputation, building goodwill and strengthening its image both in the broader community and to a targeted audience on campuses statewide.

Partnerships with The I-Fund can expand business networks and markets and access to key customer groups. As an expression of corporate values and a source of opportunities for community involvement, a partnership with The I-Fund also can strengthen corporate culture.

Partnership activities and benefits can:

  • Enhance employee motivation, morale, loyalty, and retention
  • Expand opportunities for employees to practice leadership and management
  • Strengthen the organizational “glue” created by common values
  • Increase the organization’s ability to attract potential employees, particularly from a talented pool of college graduates

Finally, community involvement has increasingly become part of corporate strategy. A partnership with The I-Fund provides opportunities for businesses to lead beyond the walls. Companies can fulfill civic responsibilities and strengthen business conditions, positively impact Maryland communities and simultaneously enhance their image.

National data supports the sense that corporate philanthropy is good not only for the company but also for the bottom line.

  • 83% of Americans have a more positive image of companies that support a cause they care about
  • 87% of employees feel a strong sense of loyalty to companies with charitable programs vs. 67% of those employed at companies without a charitable program