The Campaign

The Independent College Fund of Maryland conducts an annual fundraising campaign, which runs from January 1 — December 31 to provide a channel for the business and foundation communities to invest in Maryland’s private colleges and universities and their students. The I-Fund relies on a 44-member Board of Directors to assist with this effort.

The I-Fund offers multiple investment options: The Innovation Fund, The Maryland Pooled Scholarship Fund, Named and Targeted Scholarships and Special Programs are just a few.

Distribution of Funds

Unrestricted funds are distributed each year to member colleges and universities by a formula based on full-time enrollment. Funds available for Designated, Named and program scholarships are distributed according to scholarship, program or designation requirements.

Operating Revenue

Approximately 81% of The I-Fund’s operating budget is funded by member colleges through an enrollment-based formula. Approximately 19% of operating costs are funded with a 10% administrative fee from the Urban Scholars, Health & and Life Sciences and National Security Scholarship programs. 100% of the contributions to the Innovation Fund and all scholarship funds go directly to students and colleges.

Legal Status

The I-Fund is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are fully tax deductible.