Welcome to i-Fund – We provide information on different community funding, business grant and scholarship opportunities.

i-Fund is a commercial opportunity information centre which provides you with information about quality community funds, business grants, and scholarship opportunities. We also offer financial services. We ensure you have adequate knowledge and financial options to boost your business growth.



As one of the leading information service providers in Australia, we offer access to all the high-quality information you need on current and future grant, funding and scholarship opportunities.

We do all the industry research for you and present only the exact information you need to grab the lifetime opportunity for yourself, business, community or your organisations. Our offerings cut across different grants and findings provided by the government, credible institutions and trusted philanthropists.

Our information offerings cut across the following categories.


Community Funding

Our community funding service settles the dust and brings you the essential information you need for your community growth, organisation expansion and personal capacity building. We charge out and bring you the best community funding opportunity information you need. Our information offerings cut across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Canberra, among others.


Business Grants

If you feel your business has not been performing as intended, you might need some grants. We provide you with the right business grant opportunity dose to help you boost the recovery of your business. Our information offerings cut across New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland, among others.



We have services that specialise in delivering to you the best of scholarship opportunities across all fields in any university in Australia. We also provide opportunities for research funding and grants to both domestic and international students.

Our scholarship opportunities range for a wide variety of people from the indigent to the physically challenged. Our information offerings cut across the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, and the University of Queensland, among others.

Additional Service

Beyond our information offerings, at i-Fund, we also offer:

Finance Services

We recognise some of the most profound economic needs, and we take a shot at solving them. We provide financial services that allow you to boost business growth and acquire various equipment and materials without compromising your financial integrity. We prioritise quality, ease of access, and continuous support in our service offering.
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We are privately owned and run organisation committed to seeing that you get the right information about the business grants, scholarship and community funding that you need.

We go the extra mile to simplify all our opportunity information while still maintaining the necessary quality to keep you informed. Our focus has always been on quality information, and that is why you can trust us always to bring you the very best at the right time.


We are located in Australia.

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