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I want, I need, I would really like, I wish, I dream …. whatever is driving your desire for a new car, caravan, boat, truck, bike or equipment, you need information on how best to fund that purchase and turn ‘I want’ to ‘I have’.

This site provides information on funding through 3 main sources you can make an informed decision on which is the best way to fund your purchase.

Finance Broker

While business operators are usually familiar with dealing with finance brokers to finance their company cars, trucks, equipment etc, many people are unaware that broker services are also available and easily accessible to individuals.

Brokers have a large number of loan products at their disposable, far more than any individual bank or finance company, which gives them more options from which to select a loan product that is best to fund your car, boat, bike, caravan, truck, equipment and many other of life’s wants and needs.

Useful Resource: Caravan Finance Broker

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Non Bank Finance Company

Finance companies or non-bank lenders as they are frequently referred to, cover a large percentage of the lender market and, as the name implies, are companies which are different from banks.

However, some are aligned with or subsidiaries of major banking corporations.

Individuals and businesses can approach finance companies directly to apply for funding but if you are purchasing a specialty item such as a boat, caravan or bike or want a loan for equipment, they may not have a particular loan designed for that purpose.

Their selection of loan products is limited to the range offered by their corporation and they have a set ‘matrix’ or requirements that applicants must meet.

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Bank Loans

Banks appear welcoming to loan applicants and advertise widely, but in reality, their selection of loan products is limited to the range offered by their corporation. You usually have to fit into their plans rather than them catering to your plans.

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Online Loan Calculators

Online loan calculators are a quick, easy and confidential way to get an estimate on monthly repayments for your proposed loan. A great way to plan budget before you purchase, narrow down your purchase search within your budget and save you a lot of time calling around for quotes.

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Bad Credit Options

Don’t let credit issues or a bad credit history quash your ‘I want’ dreams. Even people who have been previously rejected for a loan can be offered very attractive finance deals.

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About Us

While you can source a wealth of information on loans and finance directly from lender websites, it’s the value of that information that really matters.

Is it a fair and factual assessment?
Does it include all the probabilities and possibilities?
Does it tell you about alternatives?
Does it allow you to easily compare with others?

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