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For more than six decades, the I-Fund has worked with Maryland’s business community and its independent colleges and universities to expand college access, improve student success, and prepare future leaders and skilled workers. During that time, the I-Fund has raised more than $28 million to support the missions of Maryland’s independent colleges and universities. About a year ago, the presidents of the member colleges realized that the I-Fund must evolve to remain successful.  On July 1, 2014, the I-Fund board approved a restructuring plan to create efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of the organization. Under the reorganization, the Maryland Independent College and University Association (MICUA) serves as the resident agent of the I-Fund, and the President of MICUA, Tina Bjarekull, serves as the I-Fund’s Managing Director.

MICUA is devoted to serving the interests of independent higher education and supporting the work of campus leaders throughout the State, while the I-Fund provides college access, choice, and opportunities by raising funds—principally from businesses and foundations—to provide scholarships and grants to students attending I-Fund member institutions. The new administrative structure creates a leaner, more focused organization that better serves the students attending private, nonprofit colleges and universities in Maryland. 



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