Western Australia

Businesses’ growth and survival are essential to the government of Western Australia. As such, they have put a lot in place to ensure the steady growth and robust development of small businesses. One of them is business grants set up to support businesses in finance and research. Some of the grants are:


Innovation Vouchers Program

This has been designed to assist SMEs in their expansion and market penetration. It is targeted to allow small businesses to commercialise their innovative ideas and create jobs for the people. Funding application for this grant often falls in research and development, project development, technology transfer and commercialisation support services.

New Industry WA Fund

This is directed to provide support to Australian businesses and encourage innovation and entrepreneurial zeal and spirit across Western Australia.

New Business Assistance with NEIS

This is specially designed for starters who need training and assistance to help them begin their businesses on an excellent footing. Assessment of business ideas is always carried out to ensure the viability of the business ideas. This training grant is not available for Western Australian businesses on a large commercial scale.

WA Government Small Business Stimulus/Relief Package

This grant is given to alleviate the hardship of the pandemic on small businesses. This includes a $ 17, 500 grants for companies with payrolls between $1 million and $4 million.