Victoria states provide sustainable grants for business to assist in boosting their growth and market reach. Some of the business grants available are:


Small Business Bushfire

This grant is designed as a response to the 2019 Victorian bushfire damage. It is given to a small business who were affected to help them alleviate the loss. It is valued at $ 10, 000. It is also available to small businesses who work within disaster-prone areas regularly.

The Victoria-Israel Science Innovation and Technology Scheme (VISIT)

This grant provides up to $ 250, 000 in funding support to give both Israeli and Victorian business organisations opportunity to cooperate on projects and task of mutual benefits and easy access to international markets.

Business Support Package

This is an initiative designed to provide support to a business that has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This grant has many packages, one of which is a $ 30 million funds dedicated to boosting the recovery of night-time business in hospitality which was severely affected by the pandemic.

Commercial Landlord Hardship Funds

This grant is designed to support commercial landlords who have been affected by the health crisis. The grant is valued at $3,000 per tenancy to a small and commercial private individual and joint landlord.