The Australian National University

The Australian National University values an unshakable commitment to the academic excellence of its students. As such, they try to eradicate students most common barricade to excellence by providing opportunities for scholarship grants to excellent student and students currently facing some financial hardship. Some of these scholarship grants include:


A. L. Hales Honours Year Scholarship

This scholarship grant is available only for domestic students in the science field of study. Two domestic students are picked annually for the scholarship value of $10,000 and relocation allowance. The selection criterion is based on academic merit.

ANU Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship grant is given to one domestic student who is selected based on personal illness or disability. It has a total value of $8,000 annually and cuts across many disciplines in the arts, humanities, management, history and sciences.

A&A Masters Higher Degree Research Award

This award is offered to one international student in the academic field of Arts and Social Sciences based on academic merit. It is valued at $1,000 per annum.

ANU Book Awards

This award is an international scholarship grant that is given to support the academics of student who can prove financial hardship. It is open to students in all fields and has no stated value.