South Australia

South Australia takes pride in supporting its businesses’ growth and expansion in the market. It has a lot of program and business grants put in place to achieve this. Some of these business grants are:

Research, Commercialisation and Start-up Funds

This grant provides funding to entrepreneurs, business owners and researchers to boost their business and research findings. It is in various streams targeted at Start-ups, research initiative and entrepreneurship innovation.

Economic and Business Growth Fund

This is a $100 million business fund made available by the government of South Australia. It is targeted at promoting economic growth by encouraging the development of new and existing industries, foreign and national investment and national and international business connections.


Regional Growth Fund

This grant has a total value of $150 million spread over ten years. It has been designed to encourage existing regional economic opportunities and unlock new ones.

Infrastructure Access Scheme

This grant allows South Australian Businesses to have access to equipment, laboratory space and research infrastructure. These are all valued at over $70 million. Businesses also get advice and training from industry experts.


This is a business initiative targeted towards youths aged between 18 and 35 and who have feasible business ideas. The program is a yearlong training where youth business owners are matched with industry experts for the development and fruition of their business ideas.