The government of Queensland has provided a wide range of business grants to help a small business scale through the current economic situations and penetrate quickly into both Queensland Market and international market. Some of the business grants available are:

Small Business Artisan Producer Grant Program

This grant assists small artisan producing gourmet foods and alcoholic beverages to enable them to penetrate the market and boost their businesses. This funding is valued at $ 5, 000.

Research and Development Tax Incentive

This has been designed to give tax benefits to small business undergoing industry research and development. It is mostly granted to help offset the cost of the research and development.


Deadly Deals

Deadly deals grant is designed to provide support to indigenous businesses and innovators to enable them to undertake the next business step in the development of a product or service.

Life Science Catalyst

This is designed for small businesses and start-ups in the life science industry to provide them with personalised support and help them overcome the knotty challenges of companies. The Government’s Advance Queensland Initiative funds this business grant.

Engaging Science Grants

This grant is valued up to $ 10, 000. It is targeted at supporting science engagements and communication project that furthers the impact of science in the Queensland state.