Perth’s Community Funding service offers the people, communities and non-profit organisation in need of support the right funding.

The city of Perth community funding understands the needs of the people and recognises diversity in those special needs. As such, its community funding programs cover:

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Individual Development Program

This program is open to only individuals resident in the city of Perth and who have qualified to represent the city in any regional, national or international competitions. It is also available for those willing to take up some community services and are lacking funds.

The maximum funding for this depends on the destination of the competition or community service. $200 is given for national or interstate travels and $300 for international trips. This is also inclusive of accommodation.

Community Funding Grant

This grant is put in place to assist incorporated and unincorporated community organisations in times of unplanned crisis or emergencies. This grant is up to $5,000 and is made available throughout the year or until it is exhausted.

The Royal Perth Golf Men's Charity Gulf Day Community Funding

This funding is designed to provide support for non-profit organisations who are committed to achieving a project which is for community benefits and valued up to $30,000.