New South Wales

New South Wales recognises the essential roles and contributions of businesses in the economy of the state. As such, it has made arrangements to give grants to small businesses in the state. The funding available include:

NSW-Israel Research & Development Technology Innovation Plan

This grant provides one-time financial assistance of up to $ 250, 000 to a New South Wales entity corporate with an Israeli origin on joint research and development projects. Application is welcome from all industry and fields, but cybersecurity, water management and Agri-technology get an additional 10% of total project costs.

Techvouchers Grants

This is a research grant offered by the New South Wales’ Department of Industry to enable businesses to connect with experts from Boosting Business Innovation Program and work on joint projects. The grant is valued at $ 15, 000.



This grant is a working capital solution for exporting Small and Medium Enterprises who are not able to access funding through their banks.

Entrepreneur's Program: Innovation Collections

This is a business grant valued at $ 50, 000 in matched funding to work on collaborative projects. SMEs are provided with expert guidance to address technology and research gaps by collaborating with the research sector.