Monash University

At Monash University, there is a delight in seeing their students aim high and achieve well in life. That is why they provide quality education to everyone.

They recognise that there exist some financial difficulties among some bright minds. As such, to ensure that it does not stop them from achieving their full academic potentials, they provide scholarships. They include:

Sir John Monash Scholarship for Excellence

This scholarship is designed for only international students. It grants a total value of $40,000 to top ten academically sound International students undergoing studies in Australian year 12 or International Baccalaureate in Australia. Applicants must also be ready to enrol in an undergraduate degree at an Australian Monash campus. Selection is based on ATAR of 98.00+ or any of its equivalent.

Achieving Potential Support Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to three hundred students per year who are financially stranded and are being affected academically by this circumstance. It is awarded based on the needs of students who are low-income earners or indigenous Australian hoping to study an undergraduate or graduate degree in Monash University. It has a total value of $15,000.


Monash Leaders Scholarship

This scholarship targets excellent students who have leadership potentials and wish to contribute to the community. Two students are selected per year, and it has a total value of $45,700.