Melbourne’s community funding service helps connect community and people in need of support to the right funding. Making the proper funding and development support available to eligible people is at the core of the various community funding and grants in Melbourne city.

The funding and grants available are:

Connected Community Grants

This grant supports projects whose aim is to increase community connection and inclusiveness in the city of Melbourne. Residence in or project directed to the people of Melbourne is one of the requirements for this grant. The funding range is between $1,550 and $20,000.

Aboriginal Community Grants

This grant is given to organisations which provide support for the cultural, social and economic development of Victorian Aboriginal Communities. It is also available for those who provide education that strengthens the cultural heritage of the Melbourne people. The funding for this is up to $10,000.


Social Innovation Partnership Funding Program

This program has an annual funding capacity of up to $80,000. It is directed to non-profit organisations and social enterprises looking to tackling social challenges in Melbourne city.

Community Meals Subsidy Program

This grant is targeted at non-profit organisations who are providing services to people older than fifty-five years of age. The organisation must be in the business of offering community meals within the municipality of Melbourne. A meal subsidy of up to $4.50 for 200 people above the age of 55 years is made available for non-profit organisations.