Gold Coast

The city of Gold Coast recognises the importance of providing the right support for the people, communities and organisation in need of funding and development support. Beneficiaries must be eligible and resident in the city of Gold Coast.

The community funding has been specifically designed to assist in scaling through and living above intermittent financial and economic hurdles.

The different community funding programs available include:

Emergency and Extraordinary Grants Program

This grant is designed to alleviate the hardship and difficulties during an emergency and extraordinary circumstances. It must be demonstrated that funds are required to set situations aright. The range of this funding is between $1,000 and $5,000.

Community Facility Grants Program

This grant is given to provide support for community organisations willing to take on capital projects upon council-controlled lands where the community holds some form of licensing or leasing rights. The funding for this ranges between $5,000 and $250,000.


Catchment & Citizen Science Program

This program is an environmental grant program designed to encourage the communities’ participation in the state of the water in the city of Gold Coast. The maximum funding available is $30,000.

Community Grants Program

This program is designed to support incorporated and unincorporated community organisations to provide projects that are of public usefulness. The maximum funding for this is $20,000.