The city of Brisbane community funding helps provide funds that support the development of community facilities. It also helps sustain the growth and survival of eligible non-profit organisations and assists the right people to live a better life.

Through this community funding program, various funding and grants are made available to qualified people and organisations. The community funding programs cover:


Lord Mayor's Community Fund

This fund is given to organisations who are committed to Brisbane’s achievement of a stronger community. It is designed to support that tends to make Brisbane a friendly, safer and vibrant city. It also promotes innovation for a healthy, cleaner and greener city. The maximum fund grant to an organisation is $10,000.

Community Support Funding Program

This program is designed to offer support to community groups finding it challenging to fund their project for affordable housing in the city of Brisbane. There is no specific funding price for this because the funding giver is based on the general rate notice in Brisbane city.

Pathways Out of Homelessness Grant Program

This program has a huge annual funding price of $1 million for up to three years. It is put in place to assist organisations who are committed to reducing or eradicating homelessness in Brisbane city.

Community Development and Capacity Building Grants

This grant is dedicated to projects that respond to closing the skills and innovation gap in the city of Brisbane.