Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory has various assistance programs to help you as you run your businesses and boost its growth and penetration in both local and international markets. The business grants that have been earmarked to assist your businesses are:

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Innovation Connect Grants

This grant is put in place to help enterprises to develop innovative products and services. A matched funding of between $10, 000 and $30, 000 is made available under this program to support start-up and encourage entrepreneurs to be innovative and expand their business ideas.

CBR Screen Fund

This business grant provides funding for the local screen industry. It is a strategic fund that encourages projects and industry partnership to boost local screen business.

Priority Investment Program

This program is designed to identify the emerging priority areas of the economy of Australian Capital Territory and attract and retain investment to grow the business and the economy.

SME Growth Program

This is a business review grant provided for SMEs with turnover between $500, 000 and $1.5 million. It is designed to assist SMEs competitiveness, growth and market expansion.

ACT Women in Trades Grant Programs

This grant is designed to improve the participation of women in industries that are dominated by men by making available grants and findings to eligible women in the Australian Capital Territory trade or business.