The city of Adelaide provides offering for community funding to non-profit organisations, local communities and people to meet the changing economic and social circumstances.

The community funding programs cover:

Community Development Grant

This grant is targeted at people, local communities and non-profit organisations who are committed to putting in place projects that respond to various community development needs of the people and the city of Adelaide. The grant funding is between $2,000 and $50,000 annually for up to three years.

Arts and Cultural Grants

This grant is put in place to help support eligible people, communities and non-profit organisations who are in the business of projects and on arts and culture that contribute to the cultural dynamism of the city of Adelaide. This grant is broken into categories that target specific projects and organisations providing such projects.


Recreation and Sports Grants

This grant is targeted at people or non-profit organisations that go out of their ways to provide a broad spectrum of recreational and sports facilities in the city of Adelaide.

Sustainability Incentive Schemes

This grant is put in place to support people and non-profit organisations that provide projects that advance Adelaide’s investment in sustainable technology and development.

Noise Management Incentive Scheme

This scheme is a service grant provided directly to the residents of Adelaide to advise on the reduction of noise and other acoustic improvements. The scheme also reimburses residents acoustic improvement coats for up to 50% totalling up to $1,100.